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Top Athlete Shun Sato (Boccia Player) Joins the CAC Group


The CAC Group (Holding company: CAC Holdings Corporation; Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Akihiko Sako), which develops IT and healthcare services in Japan and overseas, hereby announces that the Group has employed Shun Sato, a player of Boccia, which is a sport for people with disabilities, through the “Athnavi” employment support program for top athletes operated by the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC).

As a Gold Partner of the Japan Boccia Association since 2016, the CAC Group is committed to the popularization and support of Boccia. CAC Corporation, a member company of the Group, has employed Boccia player Shun Sato as part of these activities.

Shun Sato is a top athlete who is registered as a certified athlete for the Japan Boccia Association, and his further achievements in the future are expected. We would like to strongly promote the popularization and support of Boccia by supporting his activities as a player while enhancing the sense of unity of the Group by cheering him on as a colleague who works with us in the Group.

The CAC Group plans to continue our contribution to society through the popularization and support of Boccia. 

Profile of Boccia player Shun Sato

Date of joining the company

April 1, 2018


Athletic event

Boccia  (Class: BC2)
* Reference: Japan Boccia Association

Main achievements

12th Kanto Boccia Championship Tournament:  3rd place
19th Japan Boccia Championship Tournament:  4th place
BISFed Fazza World Open Kansas (9th place in individual games and 5th place in team games)


Comment by Boccia player Shun Sato

It has been decided that I am going to be employed by CAC Corporation through Asunavi, which is operated by JOC. I am very pleased to join the company, which has provided strong support for the sport of Boccia. My new environment will allow me to devote myself more than ever to competitions and activities for increasing the popularity of the sport, and I am very grateful that I am able to join a company that has such a strong connection with Boccia. I strive to be a team member in the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020 to compete for the gold medal in the team games and for another medal in the individual games. In addition to my activities as a Boccia player, I would also like to grow as a member of society.


CSR activities of the CAC Group
As one means of expressing its gratitude for the ongoing support it receives from society and its stakeholders, CAC Holdings has been engaged in activities to promote and support Boccia, a sport for people with disabilities, jointly with CAC Corporation and CAC Croit Corporation, both of which are Group companies. It is also undertaking other activities, including the development of a game-watching environment using IT based on the capabilities of the CAC Group, which operates IT and healthcare services both in Japan and overseas.


About CAC Holdings
CAC Holdings Corporation serves the CAC Group as its holding company, providing IT and health care services both at home and abroad. The CAC Group is fully committed to contributing to the development of a better society, primarily by providing IT services and human resources BPO that mainly address companies’ management issues, and pension management systems and pension system research in the social security sector, and pharmaceutical development support services.

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Mr. Shun Sato