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Technology and quality

The CAC Group implements initiatives to utilize new technologies and improve quality, aiming to become a sustainable company.

Development and provision of new services for the DX era

We are pursuing the provision of value through new technologies
in response to dramatic changes driven by DX.


Focusing on “HCTech*, — Utilization of IT for human observation,human resource management, and promotion of human health”

In response to digital transformation (DX), the Group is pushing ahead with the development of products and services utilizing DX-related technologies.

We are seeking to enhance our lineup of solutions using blockchain, IoT and cloud technologies and are also focusing on the development and provision of services which will help alleviate labor shortages and improve productivity through the performance of work by AI in place of humans.

Since 2016, CAC has been developing products such as Kokoro Sensor, which incorporates emotion recognition AI technology for analyzing facial images captured using a camera to estimate emotions, and the facial expression training app Kokoro Sensor for Training, which is provided to various sectors such as the educational and marketing sectors.

Leveraging this strong track record and know-how in the field of AI-based image analysis, CAC proposed the concept of “HCTech — Utilization of IT for human observation, human resource management, and promotion of human health” in 2020 and has since been focusing on HCTech as a priority field.

HCTech refers to the detection of abnormal human posture or action, for example, falling down, and the performance of hugely time-consuming specialist processes such as data analysis and data recognition by AI in place of human beings, and it is technology which can be used in various industries and fields.

We also intend to develop new solutions and services by combining HCTech not only with our own technologies but also with the technologies and business models of other companies.

Japan’s declining birth rate and aging population are leading to social problem such as labor shortages.

HCTech aims to help solve such issues through further technological advances whilst at the same time contributing to the CAC Group’s sustainable growth.

* HCTech(Human Centered Technology)

HCTech -Human Centered Technology-

Case Study

Joint development of Mimamo. with Rhythmiru
for reducing the risk of sleep-related infant deaths

There is a disease called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS when a baby dies during sleep.

SIDS is reported to occur in about one of every 6000-7000 live births in Japan, making it the fourth most common cause of infant death.

Other sleep-related causes of infant death besides SIDS include asphyxia.

To protect babies from such sleep-related causes of death, childcare practitioners diligently check napping babies in their care every 5 to 10 minutes to make sure they are breathing and not sleeping on their front.

However, this places a tremendous physical and emotional burden on childcare practitioners who, against the backdrop of labor shortages, are responsible for more than one baby at a time and are simultaneously required to carry out a range of other duties.

To solve this issue, CAC co-developed Mimamo. with Rhythmiru with CCN Group Corporation. Mimamo. with Rhythmiru combines CCN Group’s Mimamo. service, which uses IoT technology to help monitor babies during afternoon naps based on camera images, with Rhythmiru, CAC’s non-contact vital sensing software which uses video pulse wave extraction technology to measure the heart rate from camera images.

Mimamo. with Rhythmiru simultaneously checks whether a baby is sleeping on its front, which is believed to be a sleep-related cause of death, and the baby’s heart rate, and promptly raises the alarm with light and sound in the event of a problem.

Besides reducing the risk of infant death at childcare facilities, CAC will continue to support childcare practitioners and reduce their workload whilst giving peace of mind to parents and guardians who leave babies in the care of these facilities.

Mimamo. with Rhythmiru