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With more than 50 years of experience in construction and the operation of business information systems

The CAC group started as Computer Applications Co., Ltd. (CAC), the first independent software company in Japan, in 1966 under the philosophy “to construct user-oriented information systems from a neutral standpoint independent of hardware manufacturers.” Up to the present, as the prime contractor, we have steadfastly maintained our management policy to develop and provide information systems optimum for our clients and users following their needs based on the founding philosophy to be fully liable for our products and services as well as to be independent and neutral and user-oriented.

Since our founding, while we engaged in system development for a wide range of industries, our business has expanded into system integration (SI), including construction of system infrastructure. In addition, based on the idea that “a specialist company should undertake the operation and management of the information systems of our customers in order to support their business,” our group company, Nippon System Service Co., Ltd. (SSK), was reorganized into the first company dedicated for outsourcing service of information processing in 1971. In 1973, System Utility Co., Ltd. (SUC) was launched, focusing on information processing and document-filing service. Thus our group came to offer comprehensive information service.

In 1994, the above mentioned three companies were merged and rebranded as CAC Co., Ltd., consolidating our system to seamlessly offer full service of the process from planning to development and operation of a system. CAC went public in 1999.

Since 2000, ARK System Co., Ltd., YUASA KNOWLEDGE INDUSTRY Co., Ltd, (present CAC Knowledge Co., Ltd.), ORBIS CORPORATION (present CAC ORBIS CORPORATION), and MARUHA SYSTEMS CORPORATION (present CAC MARUHA NICHIRO SYSTEMS CORPORATION), which had been subsidiary IT companies of our clients and users, respectively, have become our affiliates, which allowed us to expand the outsourcing business.

In recent years, through acquisition of CRO companies, we have been broadening the service lineup of pharmaceutical development support and spun off that business into a separate company, named CAC EXICARE Corporation, in April 2012. Now this field is one of the pillars of the CAC group, along with IT service.

Furthermore, in March 2014, we obtained shares of an Indian based company, Accel Frontline Limited (present Inspirisys Solutions Limited), and made it into our subsidiary, in order to enhance our global service capabilities.

Since we switched to a holding company structure in April 2014, with CAC Holdings Corporation as the core, the corporate group has been offering IT service for companies as well as BPO service, focusing on our specialized areas.

1966 Established under the name Computer Applications Co., Ltd. as Japan's first independent software company.
1971 Invested in Nippon System Service Co., Ltd. (SSK)
SSK changed business focus to outsourcing, becoming the first such company in Japan.
1973 Established System Utility Co., Ltd. (SUC).
1986 Formally entered the system consulting business.
1988 Received certification under the newly established System Integrator Registration and Certification System.
1989 Established CAC America in New York.
1990 Established CAC Europe in London.
1994 CAC, SSK and SUC merged operations to form CAC Co., Ltd.
1995 Re-certified under the CAC Co., Ltd. name as a system integrator by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) Certified as a system operation service provider by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).
1996 Entered the business of Integrated Management services for distributed systems.
1999 Registered on the OTC Market.
2000 Acquired share of ARK System Co.,Ltd.
Established subsidiary, CAC PACIFIC CORPORATION, in San Jose, CA, USA.
Established CAC Shanghai Corporation in Shanghai, China, with 100% investment by CAC Pacific.
Listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchanges.
2002 Acquired share of GoldenTech Computer Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Acquired share of YUASA KNOWLEDGE INDUSTRY Co., Ltd., and changed the company name to CAC Knowledge Co., Ltd.
Launched "PRASMA"a total support service for reserch and development of new drugs.
2003 Acquired share of ORBIS CORPORATION(Presently CAC ORBIS CORPORATION).
2005 Moved the head office to Nihonbashi-Hakozaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
2006 Acquired shares of Arm Systex Co., Ltd., making the company and Arm Co., Ltd. our subsidiaries.
2007 Established kizasi Company, Inc.
Acquired 100% share of Medical Ecology Co., Ltd. (name subsequently changed to CAC ClinIT Co., Ltd.) and made it a subsidiary.
2009 Acquired shares of clinical trust Co., Ltd and made it a subsidiary.
2010 Merged CAC ClinIT Co., Ltd., Arm Systex Co., Ltd., and Arm Co., Ltd.
Made Sogo Rinsho Holdings Co., Ltd. an equity-method affiliate.
Established CAC India in Mumbai, India.
2012 Established CAC EXICARE Corporation after a company split.
2014 Acquired shares in Accel Frontline Limited(Presently Inspirisys Solutions Limited) to make it a subsidiary of the Company.
Shifted to a holding company structure, changing its corporate name to CAC Holdings Corporation. Established CAC Corporation as a new entity through a company split, and had it succeed to the business operations of the former CAC Corporation.
2015 Acquired shares of Sierra Solutions Pte. Ltd. and made it a subsidiary.
2016 Established CAC Croit Corporation through the merger of CAC EXICARE Corporation
and Clinical trust Co., Ltd.