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Initiatives for securing global human resources

Initiatives for globalization

At present, the number of employees of our overseas group companies exceeds 60% of all the employees of the CAC Group. Operating companies in Japan are also accelerating their efforts to globalize their operations. Since 2008, CAC Corporation, the core operating company, has actively recruited employees of other nationalities. The company has a total of 45 non-Japanese employees from 20 countries as of December 31, 2016. Nearly half of the new employeesrecruited in the last three years are of other nationalities. In 2013, CAC Corporation began to recruit new employees in the autumn as well as in the spring in order to secure highly skilled individuals. In addition, we are taking initiatives to improve the English proficiency of Japanese employees.

Initiatives for developing next-generation global leaders

To identify and develop next-generation global leaders, we held the CAC Global Camp 2016 for selected human resources from group companies in Japan and other countries. At the CAC Global Camp 2016, training sessions were held in English in Singapore and China (Suzhou), and then the participants made presentations in Tokyo on “How CAC Group can increase its business outside Japan with multi-national companies.” The participants collaborated with each other by exercising their ingenuity together beyond the differences in culture, language, and background. This has created a bond (Kizuna) among the participants and their network, which will be a major force of the CAC Group in the near future. We will continue to make group-wide efforts to develop human resources who will lead our global business.