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Work style reform

Teleworking environment

In 2012, CAC Holdings Corporation and CAC Corporation, the core operating company, built a teleworking environment and system that allow people to work anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. This has resulted in the introduction of a free-address system (which allows employees to work anywhere in the office) to the floors of sales and administrative departments. It also permits employees to work from home. As a result of this initiative, CAC Corporation was selected for the Telework Pioneer 100 by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in November 2016.

Establishment of systems

We have introduced systems that allow our employees to adjust their work hours. With these systems, we help our employees to work in a way that is appropriate for the situation or lifestyle of each of them. These systems also contribute to promoting operational efficiency. We have also introduced a reemployment system under which we reemploy everyone who wishes to be reemployed, in addition to offering shorter working hours for employees who are raising children or providing nursing care to their families.

Achievements enabled by provision of environment and establishment of systems

Employees’ work styles have become flexible due to the provision of the teleworking environment and the establishment of the systems that support this environment. These initiatives have also raised employees’ awareness of time and led them to respect the diverse work styles of co-workers. They have resulted in awareness reform, including consideration of the times for holding meetings and further optimization of the way they proceed with work. What is more, these flexible work styles prevent women from having to leave work due to childbirth or childcare and enable employees who need time for family care to continue working. A high percentage, namely 96.6%, of female employees taking childcare leave in the last five years have returned to work on average. Despite the changes in their environments, those employees continue to demonstrate their skills as much as or more than before. The rate of reemployment of retiring employees is 82.2%.